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Electrified Experiences in the US


A few days ago, a gentleman asked me about our emobility experience in the US. Giving you the results first, it’s almost like here based on our individual experiences.

Let’s start with Arizona. As we drove Tesla it was easy. We only used Superchargers on our trip from Phoenix to Fountain Hill, further to Sedona, finally to Grand Canyon and all the way back to Phoenix via Sedona.

On Oahu/Hawaii it was also easy for us as we lived in Honolulu right across a public charging station with 22 kW. I spotted it already last year when I was in Honolulu, looking forward to getting my Model3 at home ordered through Nextmove.

So I had a little expertise. What we learned is, that electric vehicles can park free of charge at any public parking space in Honolulu. We learned this from a local gentleman driving Nissan Leaf. Even the owner of ‚Blue‘ did not know it.

On Maui/Hawaii it was a little difficult. All public chargers in Maui Upcountry were seen on the app ‚PlugShare‘, however completely out of order. So we charged ‚Aloha unique 3‘ with slow food at our Airbnb accommodation place.

It worked as we were able to feed the Model3 while driving downhill in recuperation mode. Once we charged at Safeway (supermarket) after having downloaded and registered in another app. called ChargePoint we later could use in Honolulu too.

There were at least two situations we were clueless finding a proper and convenient charging station when we went from our second accommodation in Kihei to Hana via Makawao. The Tesla-Navi showed us one at a private property.

Finally, we asked the gentleman we rented the Tesla from and he gave us a venue for a proper and cost free charger in Haiku. Meeting another Tesla driver he showed us a brand new fast charger also in Haiku.

However, we made it easily to Hana and back though the charger at the hotel in Hana also was out of order. Puh, a lot of out of orders and challenges on Maui. But finally we got enough energy.

There are not so many electric vehicles. You’re a kind of exotic person driving electric like here in Germany. Nissan Leaf seem being quite popular on Hawaii. We of course saw Tesla and a few BMW i3.

 Charging is as confusing as here in Germany and you more and more have to pay for the energy. However, we always charged cost free. We never ever payed anything and the Tesla drivers are as crazy and smart like here.

To be honest all other people driving electric too. One man with a Nissan Leaf helped us with his card. Another Tesla driver was happy having an experts talk with us. All of them looove their cars as it’s much more fun. And most of them charge at their homes.

We enjoyed the experience though we had to have patience.

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